Chambers Performing Arts Families:

We would like to welcome you to our Spring Parent Observation Week 2018: March 12-16, 2018. Please remember to bring a pillow to sit on (on the floor) or a fold-up sports chair, thanks! No one will be permitted to stand during classes and everyone must be seated on the floor or in a sports chair for the safety of all. 

Reminder: The following classes DO NOT observe Parent Observation: Group Acting classes and Private and Group Voice Classes.


How to be the best parent to a performer during Parent Observation Week:

1. Support your performer and enjoy their progress and growth!

2. Please leave siblings at home so that you can focus on your performer. If siblings become uncomfortable, the Instructor will ask you to leave the class with them until they can return quietly. Remember that this time is about your performer, not siblings. They should be able to sit still very quietly during the duration of the entire class. 

3. Do not correct your performer at any time (before, during, or after class-that is the Instructor's job), remember to provide support! It is helpful to remind your performer to stretch at home and practice at home. Your job as a parent of a performer is to help them discover their gifts and passions. Performing Arts is a long journey and enjoy all progress in your performer. 

4. Please turn off all electronic devices during the class and give your performers your fullest attention. Do not bring laptops or any work into the class. If you are a doctor/emergency worker on call, you may leave your mobile on vibrate. Feel free to take photos at the end of class. 

We look forward to seeing you in class this week and supporting your performer.


The Staff of Chambers Performing Arts


Reminder: Annual Egg Hunt at the Home of Susan Chambers for all of your family on Sunday, March 25, 2018 from 3:00-4:30pm. You rec'd an invite from Sign Up Genius and must RSVP there. Thanks!


We look forward to a fabulous 38th season, and thanks for choosing 

Chambers Performing Arts, Excellence in Performing Arts Since 1980.



Here are a few reasons why Chambers Sets the Standard of Excellence in Performing Arts training:

  • 37 Years of Proven Alumni on Broadway, 4 Radio City Rockettes, Performing with Regional and National Dance Companies, and College Scholarships in Dance and Musical Theatre
  • Non-Profit 501 (c)(3) Performing Arts Company Since Inception
  • Standards of Excellence for All Students-No Matter Their Goals in Performing Arts
  • All Students Perform in a $91.5 Million Dollar Broadway-Caliber Theatre
  • One of the Most Diverse Curriculums in the United States, offering over 90 weekly classes
  • Three Convenient Metro Atlanta Locations: Hamilton Mill, Johns Creek/Alpharetta and Suwanee
  • Discounts: Sibling 5% and Parents 50% off
  • Referral Program: Earn up to $250 Off Tuition
  • 36 year Commitment to Bettering Our Communities: Sponosoring local events, Students, and Organizations
  • Commitment to Bettering International Organizations such as the Amy Biehl Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa-our newest International Partner 
  • Free trial classes in every form of performing arts Learn about Free Trial Classes
  • Chambers is a "GREEN" company and are completely paperless, reducing our carbon footprint on the earth! Click Here to Register Now Online

Find out more here about what sets Chambers apart!


           IN THE SPOTLIGHT 


Did you see our 3rd Radio City Rockette (Kesley, above Left) in the newest Radio City video? Watch her journey here as she misses two days of high school and gets hired for the legendary Radio City Rockettes. 


Watch as talented Chambers students take class in our studios with Broadway legend Rachelle Rak on Broadway.com

Check us out here (at 4.07)! 


Hats off to the gracious students of Chambers Performing Arts and the Susan Chambers Dance Company, who donated more than 100 costumes to the Amy Biehl Foundation in Cape Town, South Africa. We are so proud of this endeavor headed by Carole Sams Hoemeke and will continue this tradition for years to come!


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